Palma Sola Modern

Having lived in South America, this couple became enamored with modern architecture. The concept of weaving the inside with the outside was the primary design objective for their architect. The site is on a private corner of Palma Sola Bay where the homeowners are provided uninterrupted water and mangrove views through all common living areas. The back deck of the home has a gradual curve that almost mimics the gentle curves of Palma Sola bay and provides a seamless connection with outdoors. The secondary design objective was simplicity and durability. Careful thought went into the design and finishes to ensure that the home was low maintenance and worked well with its surroundings. Walnut, European Oak, and White finishes are carried throughout the home so there is a pure and continuous vibe throughout.  One special detail that was warmly welcomed into this home was a live edge desk that was hand-cut and placed from a 100-year-old fever wood tree fallen at Selby Gardens. The combination of nature and simple living are truly celebrated at this home on the bay.